About Me


My personal mission:

To be the face of God to all I meet.

“Informing and influencing my work are my own life experiences: three stillborn daughters, the deaths of my parents, a sibling, dear friends; job loss, divorce, aging, health issues, and other difficult life transitions; the joy of living in gratitude for the abundant life with which I have been blessed.

My experiences as an Interfaith Spiritual Director, Death Doula, and hospice volunteer help me to connect quickly with others heart-to-heart.

Love is my deepest motivation; I bring peace and empathy without judgment to all I meet and in all that I do.

I have been called to serve others in this deep, transformational work; as such: How may I be of service to you?”

About Me

I am a trained and certified Interfaith Spiritual Director, a Death Doula, and an Angel Artist.

As a Spiritual Director, my primary focus is companioning others through their grief journeys. I believe that we are all connected to each other and the Universe through Divine Love; through the power of connection and the art of listening to story, I have seen transformation and healing in those with whom I have had the honor to companion.

I’m currently working toward Death Doula Certification through INELDA, am a Vigil Volunteer for Heartland Hospice, and am a Ritualist, specializing in Clearing Ceremonies and Memorials. I have more than twenty years’ experience in clay work and offer one-on-one Spiritual Direction, Group Spiritual Direction, and Healing HeART Experiences with clay in my studio in NE Minneapolis (for information on my End-of-Life Doula Services, please go to Tending the Spirit End-of-Life Doula Care).

My studies in Spiritual Direction took place at Sacred Ground Center for Spirituality in St. Paul and I am a Certified Spiritual Director. I’m a member of Sacred Ground Center for Spirituality, Spiritual Directors International (SDI), the Minnesota Enneagram Association, the International End-of-Life Doula Association (INELDA), The Minnesota Threshold Network, The National End-of-Life Doula Alliance (NEDA), The Minnesota Death Collaborative, The Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death, and NEMAA (Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association).

The 4 Angels Creations Art Studio and Spiritual Direction Space is located on the SE corner of Stinson Boulevard and 27th Avenue, on the border of NE Minneapolis and St. Anthony Village.

I am married, have a grown daughter and two granddaughters.

My mission as a Spiritual Director:

To assist those seeking relationship with The Divine. To be a loving, caring, non-judgmental, compassionate, listening ear as a seeker finds, explores, and / or deepens relationship with God through 1-1 Spiritual Direction, Group Direction, or Healing HeART Sessions.

The mission of 4 Angels Creations:

4 Angels Creations seeks to spread God’s love through an angel ministry.

Why Angels?

Sometime in early 1999 I had a dream in which I was given the mission to start a business making angels. Everything was laid out in the dream – what to do, who to ask for help, even the name of the company. So, I followed the instructions given and started making angels with three friends. They hung with me for the first year or so, and then let me go on my own to “spread my wings.”

Angels also transcend religious faith; in other words, you can be Christian, Muslim, Jew or simply spiritual – angels belong to all of us.  Also, since making Angels became full-time for me in 2009, I’ve expanded my artwork to celebrating symbols from other faiths; my intention is to honor faiths other than my own, creating kinship rather than division.

What’s in a name? Why “4 Angels Creations”?

Two reasons – first, the four angels were the four of us who started the business together. Second, I have had four daughters – three of whom were stillborn. In essence, I have my own four angels; three in heaven and one here on earth to keep me company. I believe I am abundantly blessed.

And most importantly?

It’s the trans-formative power of unconditional prayer.

…I pray over each piece I make – for healing, harmony, and peace for the receiver;

…My hope is that the receiver of a 4 Angels Creation will be open to accept the healing and ministering spirit that each piece offers in the giving;

…A little piece of my heart goes into everything I make or do;

…Hebrews 1:14a reads: “Are not all angels ministering spirits?” This is my tagline and this, as well as those for whom I pray, are what inspires me every day to continue to put my art “out there”.

Blessings to you, and thank you for considering a 4 Angels Creations gift.