Spiritual Direction Sessions, Companioning and Art Classes, Other Services

Spiritual Direction – 1:1 Sessions

Spiritual Direction is the art of listening with the ear of God to another as they share their story. Whether you are experiencing a major life transition or are simply seeking to gain a personal understanding of who you are in relationship with The Divine, consider Spiritual Direction as a step toward deepening and growing. Find evidence of God in the everyday – learn to listen to the subtle call to relationship from within your deepest self.

It would be my honor to listen gratefully, compassionately, fully engaged and without judgment.  My areas of expertise include (but are not limited to):

  • Corporate / Workplace
  • Creative Arts
  • Divorce
  • Dying / Death / Illness / Hospice
  • Grief and Loss
  • Low Income
  • Pregnancy Loss
  • Seekers without Spiritual Affiliation
  • Women’s Issues

All of creation has been made in the image of the Divine. I am mindful that each encounter with person, place or thing may have far more worth than anything else I may possess or accomplish any day. I am also mindful that each encounter is an opportunity to offer – and to receive – Grace.

Sessions are 1 hour and, although average cost is $70, no one is turned away because of inability to pay. Come to 4 Angels and experience a little Grace.  Call 612-803-9159 to schedule a time.

Classes: Spirituality and Art: Companioning the Deepening Process

Are you seeking something a bit deeper than simply an art class?  Have you been wondering who you are in relation to the Divine? Are you wanting to explore your feelings about God, but just haven’t taken the time to do so?  If the answer is yes to any or all of these questions, I believe I have what you’ve been searching for!

This four-session series offers you time, space and place to awaken, explore and deepen YOUR spirituality through Spiritual Companioning dovetailed with Art.  As you awaken, explore and learn about your relationship with the Divine, you will take what you learn and turn it into something tangible that resonates with who you are spiritually – you will create a one-of-a-kind piece that will be a reminder of your deep and rewarding work. These sessions are filled with wonder AND fun!

Don’t worry if you’ve never explored Spiritual Companioning or Spiritual Direction before. It’s simply sacred time, space and place dedicated to connecting to God within and through conversation.  And if you’ve not worked with clay before, no problem! That simply means that you are free to create anything without a preconceived notion of what should be!

Come and spend time with me, conversing, learning, creating. Find freedom in trying something that stretches you – there will be no judgments, no criticizing – simply self-exploration and clay time.  I am offering you time, space and place to find the spiritual and creative YOU!

Classes are offered one-on-one or in a group of two – You choose. Come with a friend or I will pair you with a new friend. Easy, isn’t it?  Here are the details:

  • The first session includes an introduction to Spiritual Companioning. We will explore how your emotions connect you with The Divine and how they might flow into your artwork. We will also explore ideas for your piece, ensuring that your vision is realistic for the time we will have together and that it is doable within our collective expertise.  Trust that something exciting will bubble up! (2 hrs)
  • At the second session, we will start with an hour of conversation around your time between session 1 and 2 (Spiritual Companioning).  For the Art portion of the session, you will share your vision, get hands-on and create that vision in clay. (3 hrs)
  • At the third session, we will start with an hour of Companioning and then move into the Art portion of the evening.  We will talk about glaze colors, firing, and then you’ll glaze your bisqued piece in preparation for final firing.  (3 hrs)
  • At the final session, everything will come together! We will begin with an hour of Companioning after which your finished and fired piece will be revealed! We will explore your feelings around what you see, and you will be asked to name your piece and write a short paragraph or two about what your piece is telling you.  Finally, you will be asked to share, and to offer some reflections on how the process of creating, naming, and discerning the lesson within your art has affected you. A closing ritual and sending prayers will end our class. (2 hrs)

Cost for the four-session class includes Spiritual Companioning, Studio Time, Clay, Bisquing and Glazes, Glaze Firing Costs.

$200 for 10 hours one-on-one; $175 if a class of two-on-one. Classes are offered daytime or evening. Call me at 612-803-9159 to schedule your sessions! You are worth it!

House, Studio, or Space Blessings

Also known as a house healing, house clearing, house cleansing or space clearing, this type of blessing is a spiritual ritual intended to clear the space of any negative forces that may be present, to make clear the intention for the space, and to bless and protect the inhabitants of the home or space.

homeBlessings may also be performed in order to “heal” a residence after an unpleasant occurrence or tragedy has taken place within it. These types of blessings are very dear to my heart and I feel that, when ritualized, the blessing carries on and forward in a most positive way.

I would love to hear what you would like included in your house blessing and to design a blessing personalized just for you!

Memorial Services, Spreading-of-Ashes Services, Infant Naming and Commitment Services

Memorial Services and / or Spreading-of-Ashes Services can take place any time after the death of a loved one. Naming and Commitment Services are for stillborns who have not been honored; the intention is the promotion of healing and peace through closure. My experience is personal; I had three stillborn daughters in the 1980’s who were not honored. Until I recognized their birth and their death in 2015, I did not have closure of my losses; I humbly offer this service for anyone who has suffered the same loss, no matter how long ago it may have occurred.

memorial.jpgIt would be an honor for me to assist you in writing and conducting a Service for your loved one. I prefer to meet one-on-one in order to work out elements for inclusion in the service and to get to know you and your loved one through your eyes. I am willing to perform Services at a park, cemetery, by the river, in a favorite tavern, or at your home.

Please let me know how I can best serve you and your family.


weddingPersonalized, customized, uniquely yours – honoring your beliefs, your faiths, your spirituality. Together we can script the perfect wedding ceremony, tailored to the two of you. Write your own vows or use traditional. Incorporate readings that speak to your heart on love and commitment, respect and honor, hopes and dreams for the future.

However you choose to do it, I would be honored to officiate your wedding – contact me to check the date and schedule a meeting: 612-803-9159.