4 Angels Spring Show

4 Angels Does Art-A-Whirl® (Open Studio in association with Art-A-Whirl®)!

2018 Dates: May 19 and 20, 10AM – 3PM both days!

Rather than travel to places hither and yon, it seemed to make good sense to offer a show here at the studio and house in conjunction with NEMAA’s Art-A-Whirl®, since I’m a NEMAA member!

2017 4 Angels Does Art-A-Whirl® Guest Artists:

Amy Kowalzek, Kowalzek Salves – Amy and her family have been beekeepers in Morrison County for almost 16 years. Her products are all natural and contain no additives or fillers, and include creams and salves, beeswax and beeswax products, honey, soap and oils! To learn more about Kowalzeks, go to Kowalzek Salves!

Jen Moore, Cloud 9 Cards – Jen is the creator of elegant greeting cards for pretty much any occasion that pops up! Her pieces are all handmade with expertise and an eye that creates something special. For birthdays, retirements, and everything in-between! To take a peek, go to Cloud Nine!

Lee Ann Wahi, Pure Serendipity – Fabric creations made from delightful curiosity and unexpected luck! Sometimes it’s hat brims, sometimes it’s bowls. Whatever it is, it’s made by wrapping fabric around cording and then shaping it on a sewing machine. This is Lee Ann’s first time at Art-A-Whirl – I think you’re going to appreciate meeting her and finding out all about her artwork! Learn more at: Pure Serendipity!

Maria Hall, El Rastro MN – Lots of cool things for everyone – and it won’t break the bank! El Rastro is THE market! Fashioned after the El Rastro of Madrid, Maria offers an eclectic variety of things to choose from. All hand-made, all made with love. Take a look – you’ll like what you see! El Rastro MN

Mark Pehrson, Bella Vetro – Mark and his wife, Deb, are masters of wire-wrapped jewelry. They do pendants and bracelets set with stones and beautifully wire-wrapped. They also carry mirror chains for inside or out, in the colors of the rainbow. Very excited to welcome them to the Art-A-Whirl®!!

Molly Schutz, The Happy Hooker – Crocheted wash and dish cloths, and other beautiful “hooked” pieces, all done with intention, grace and peace. Long-lasting and functional!

Nina Guertin, 4 Angels Creations – Nina has been working with clay since 1999 and specializes in two- and three-dimensional angels and crosses for wall hanging. In her daily work, prayer is at the center, each piece of art prayerfully made in the hope that it will be a conduit of healing, harmony and peace for the receiver. Nina also makes Hot Betty Comfort Packs, soaps, essential oil sprays and other items promoting health, comfort, and positive thought.

Pam Sweetman, Pendants by Pam – Glass, metals, leather, and stones make up the jewelry that Pam creates – all reasonably priced! She makes one-of a kind pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings. You can reach Pam by clicking Pam Sweetman!

Shelley Getten, Getten Creative – Shelley is new to 4 Angels and I love her work! She creates lino block prints that are framed in palette-wood as well as notecards from her block prints. Her artwork is nature-based and, well, absolutely lovely! Go to FaceBook and search Getten Creative to get a preview.

Shelly Kramer, Fairy Houses by Shelly – Shelly makes beautiful fairy houses and gardens, miniature furniture and sun catchers. New for sale this spring will be wooden cutting boards! If you have a question or want to see something special, contact Shelly at shellyrkramer@me.com.

Shirley Robinson, Shirley’s Wire Works – Shirley makes beautiful “Tree of Life” and “Tree of Life and Wisdom” pieces with wired words such as ‘faith’, ‘hope’, ‘love’, ‘believe’. Each is one-of-a-kind made with love and intention. Shirley also will be able to make pieces on-site as requested – come see what you like and what you’d like to have made!

Suzy Freeborg, Suzy2point0 Creations – Suzy Freeborg previously worked a corporate job, but is now pursuing version 2.0 of her life where she’s nurturing her creativity through photography and her digital paintings. Using a mouse as her paintbrush, she transforms her photographs into sylized impressions of the subject matter. The ‘soul’ of the photo remains and is reinvented by accentuating its strengths and unique qualities; thus, its 2.0 version is created! Suzy’s creations can be purchased as both matted prints and gift items (e.g., note cards, tiles, totes, and cutting boards).  See more by clicking Suzy Freeborg!