Hot Betty Comfort Packs – $15

I can’t tell you how much I love my Betties!  Betties can be used hot or cold (microwave or freezer)!  The Hot Betty is named after my former neighbor, Betty Wolverton. That’s a picture of the real “Hot Betty” below right, circa 1960’s.

Wondering what to do with your Hot Betty??

  • Headache? Heat her up and try adding a few drops of lavender and peppermint. If a particular essential oil relaxes you, use that.
  • Cold bed? Heat Betty and place her in your bed a few minutes before you climb in. She’ll stay warm for hours.
  • Sore neck? Heat Betty and wrap around your neck. Betty’s weight will relax your neck and shoulders.
  • Sore back? Heat Betty and place across the sore area.

    Some folks like a cold Betty. Keep Betty in the freezer and use as a cold pack. On hot summer days, she’s a life-saver! Wrap her around your neck and relaxxxxxxxxxx.

  • Ovulating or menstrual cramps? Lay Betty across the affected area. It’ll help!
  • Having a baby? Roll Betty lengthwise up and down your back during labor to relieve pains. Lots of mamas have said it was a lifesaver during those rough hours of labor!

Your “Hot Betty” can be revitalized by allowing it to soak up some steam (rice is a natural humectant).  To revitalize, you can take Betty into the bathroom and place on the counter while you shower, or wrap a wet a paper towel around Betty while you heat her up in the microwave. Easy-peasy!

As you can see, Hot Betty is VERY versatile! Take her with you wherever you go! I love Hot Betty Comfort Packs and hope you do, too! Betty is double-socked for washing (outside sock only), filled with rice, and unscented.