Clay / Ceramics Studio

My studio is located at 2653 Stinson Boulevard in what used to be the garage, adjacent to the alley. Entrance is through the patio door on the north side, and would love to have you stop by. If you’d like to schedule a time, please call me at 612-803-9159 to ensure I’ll be there – it would be a treat to spend time with you.

See my Studio

The angel in the first picture below is my prayer angel, painted on the wall.  Each day I dedicate my work through prayer and the names of those I’ve been asked to specifically pray for or names that come to me are written inside the body of the prayer angel with a Sharpie.  It’s a good (and permanent) way for me to remember that my work is a conduit of prayer for others, and that my art has a mission.  I hope that someday my prayer angel is filled with names from top to bottom.



The second photo is my work table where I do all my cutting and glazing. The lamp (in great disrepair) was my mom’s – having her lamp in the studio makes it feel as though she’s with me all the time, lighting my way.

And the third picture is a photo of me and our studio dog, Leonard when he was a puppy. We have a feeling he’s going to earn his stripes and prove to be an amazing guy, just like his predecessor, OsKar. With a little guidance from above, and patience here below, we think he’s going to be just fine.