Palm Cross


All crosses are made of Raku Clay, and each is slightly different.  They are available in three sizes (large, small or palm). Large and Small come plain or embellished. Most have patterns, some have words (Love, Grace, Faith).  I also make Birthstone Crosses; please let me know if that’s what you’d like.

Large Crosses with Stone: $40

Large Cross with Embellishment (Heart, Dove, etc.): $35
Large Crosses Plain: $30

Large Crosses with Wheat and Grapes: $60 (Special Order Only)

6″ x  10-12″ (approximately).

Small Cross with stone: $30

Small Cross with embellishment: $25
Small Cross Plain: $20

4″ x 7″ (approximately).

Palm Crosses

My palm crosses are meant to fit in your palm and to be used as a focus for prayer. Some come with holes at the top, some don’t. For those with holes, you can hang them or add beading, leather, etc. – small and light enough to even be used as an ornament!

Palm Crosses: $10

2.5″ x 3.5″ (approximately).

Note: Tax included in all pricing. Shipping is additional.